Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pass on the shoes

The first thing that I struck me in the photos during the Dera Sacha sauda street violence in Mumbai were young Sikh youths wearing “Never Forget 1984”. The shoe throwing incidence has brought to light the simmering anger bubbling against an issue that has been swept under the carpet-the wounds are still raw.
The politicians are busy backing each other and saying it was an un-journalistic approach. I think its time they focused on booking the guilty than making speeches (I know it’s the election season). 1984 is a huge weight on the conscience of Congress and 25 years is a long time to clear the weight.
If it took a few years to bringIndira Gandhi’s killer’s to justice why should it 25 years to book the guilty of 1984?


Koham said...

it seems that somebody has copied the idea of 'pass the shoes'... but perhaps forgot the end result...
the person who threw the shoe in the original incident got punished for 3 years!!!

but we are broad minded citizens, hence we have not lodged a complaint and hence no punishment for the person. this is very much appreciable activity!!!

it seems you (as a common citizen) have fallen in traps of politicians. they want citizens to react in the same way as you have blogged!!!
why look at only "1984"? is it the only incident happened in India (pre as well as post independence)?

there are civilized ways in expressing your anger / dissatisfaction.

is it not appreciated that the way our HM reacted to the whole scenario? you should not have any biased views against politicians.

IG's killers were few in numbers and caught red-handed... still justice took some 'few' years.

it's not that nobody is booked the guilty of 1984, there are many people who are already punished for this 1984

rather the focus should be how can we bring justice within shortest possible time???

Jay said...

The act can be condoned , the HM response can be be called dignified but that is hardly the real point.
I think the indignation is not as much as for the throwing of the shoe but for two things one, 25 years since the act not a single significant person has been prosecuted( the number of people is not insignificant close to 10000 people died in close to a weeks rioting , can you imagine the monstrosity of the act) . second , the congress instead of understanding public sentiment if not anything else should have refrained from allowing a Jagdish Tytler or a Sajjan Kumar to stand for elections and definitely not "leak" the report at the apt moment to ensure that a clean chit is given or rather forced to be given.

Koham said...


My dear friend, I have precisely said earlier as 'trap' by politicians for Indian citizens.

Look at the facts - the said journalist had already loosened his shoe less, he got a front seat almost closer to the speaker!
The so called impacted community has already political tie ups with BJP in Punjab! Varun Gandhi who is in trouble due to provoking election speeches. As per news, he has also said provoking things against the so called impacted community. But this fact is suitable ignored!!!
Moreover, the 'clean chitted' persons were closed aides / freinds of his late father Sanjay Gandhi.
Hence one may conclude or understand that this is a doctrined event, just to divert the public attention.
Till the time, there are many sad & disgusting incidents (of which we as a normal Indian citizen) happned. But again, there is no point in referring to this as the only simmering event.
There are tickets given by all political parties to many candidates who are as part of 'hall of fame' :(

Aman said...


I agree with you that '84 wasn't the only event, but does that mean that '84 doesn't deserve justice (like all other such cases)???

If you're interested in punishing the other guilty, please go ahead. We are too!

But since this particular piece is talking about the 1984 anti Sikh riots, that is what we will address.

You may want to look up the whole list on Tehelka. Search for "stranded wheels of justice" on Google.

Utopianthots said...


Lets just say for the moment that your conspiracy theory is right (I dont agree with the theory), it still doesnt take away the truth that for 25 years the perpetrators of the 84 riots were not punished. Agreed, that the wheels of justice has been slow in punishing the guilty in multiple cases, but two wrongs dont make a right. If 84 rights have to be the catylyst in punishing the guilty then let it be so

Koham said...

Aman and Utopianthots,

My point is this event of 'shoes' is politically motivated. I have alread stated in my first response.

I'm also saying that, we as citizens need to be aware that such spur of 'created incidences aka shoes' is with a purpose. And we typically get emotionally trapped. We forget any other events, as part of follow-up.

Your blog reply like "If you're interested in punishing the other guilty, please go ahead. We are too!" or like "two wrongs dont make a right"is perhaps allowing the reader to assume that, you are interested in punishing on 1984 guilty!!!

Question is,why you were waiting for this 'shoes' incidence for blogging? The said people were already given clean chit before even they were given LS nominations???