Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Varun Gandhi- The new face on the dartboard

Its been amusing to see Varun Gandhi taking up quite a bit of print space off late. At least its publicity I had completely forgotten about him since the last election, he has been so conspicuous by his absence. His claim to fame-he wanted to annihilate anyone who goes against Hindus. So someone files an FIR against him and everyone is up in arms against the boy. Maybe I sound patronizing, but the fact is I find the whole situation very funny. Poor guy, thought he would get away with it given our tolerance level- Bal Thackeray, Advani, Raj Thackeray, Muthalik to name a few have all gotten away with a lot more. Some of them were actually in power after their alleged involvements in riot. Raj Thackeray is moving about scot free and continues to make his “Hate speeches” with 91 cases against him, so I don’t blame Varun for thinking he will get away with it.
What’s even more amusing is that everyone is saying that he is so unlike the Gandhi clan, Priyanka wants him to read the Geeta. Everyone seems to have forgotten that even Congress has blood on their hands-1984 riots anyone? So this holier than thou act seems prudish.
My grouse against Varun just two- dude, how did you think that you will get away with a religion based agenda in today’s times. You are young, you should be trying to change the face of politics by looking at a development based agenda.
Two, if you have said it “Be a man and stand by the fact that you did”, you could try and apologize for it, but saying that its doctored is taking conspiracy theory to new heights.
In the meantime, Varun enjoy being the “New face on the dartboard”.

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Koham said...

Our entire political game theory is based on " D'Art Board " and not on the dartboard!!!