Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Veto Power

Yesterday, while I watched Dance India Dance when two girls were in the danger zone for the elimination process the hosts kept re-iterating that its been the third consecutive week since the voting process started that the girls are being eliminated. Well, I wasn’t surprised since all reality shows have harped on this and stated that the girls irrespective of talent levels are the first to get eliminated- fewer people vote for them.
Now, that shouldn’t be surprising since women’s cricket, hockey and women in general are ignored in India. Even in this day and age female infanticide, feticide are accepted evils, the lust for male child has only grown over the years. Education, literacy have done little to improve the situation for the female child-one study shows that India would have 25mn surplus males in India (I can already here the applause).
Anyway coming back to the show, a very disgusted Mithunda used his veto vote to save the girl-only if all used the veto vote to save the many girls who die even before they have taken their first breath.

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