Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The war within

The wounds of the 93’blasts and the riots that affected the country have barely healed, that the communal fires are being fanned eagerly. J&K has been held to ransom again and this time from within. Mehbooba Mufti by supporting the march to Muzzafrabad obviously had no idea that she was putting to the Country’s security to risk, or maybe that’s what she wanted. Praveen Togadia has the audacity to make an irresponsible statement like ‘Chalo Ayodhya’ may be repeated-is that a threat Mr.Togadia? If yes, who is it against? People like me-who don’t give a damn for Hindu-ism as perceived by you.
It doesn’t matter to you or to Mehbooba Mufti cause no one from your family dies, cause you don’t lose money, cause you are not inconvenienced. Who is the VHP to bring any city to halt? Will you resolve the situation like this? But the intention here is more to cause chaos than to stop it.
The issue has snowballed out of control because of inaction of the Central as well as the State Government. No one seems to know how to control the monster they have created. A little bit of effective communication would have prevented the loss of lives and property-but human live has no one value in our country. Each party has to own up and take responsibility for the situation today and each party is equally accountable.
We shall be celebrating our 61st Indpendence day in two days, but I don’t feel like celebrating cause we are still not a free country. Our minds are still shackled by hate, religious bias, class divide, gender bias and so many such evils and we are still slaves to people like Mehbooba Mufti, Togadia and the likes of them. It’s one of saddest chapters in the history of this country.

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