Monday, September 1, 2008

Short Sighted Raj Thackeray

While there are floods in Bihar, killings withinOrissa, chaos at Kashmir, violence in Bengal, an ever increasing inflation, a dipping GDP and dip in economy Raj Thackeray and his goons are busy fighting for Marathi being a local language. They are adding to existing woes by thereatning traders, blacking out boards-its all so ridiculous.
I am all for multi lingual sign boards and yes there should be boards in Marathi too, but is this the way to go about it or the time. But obviously the situation in the Country is of no concern to him he is so poltically motivated that he has no other agenda but this or maybe he is just incapable of taking up any other agenda.
BTW has anyone noticed how his goons just land up at Thane, Dadar etc? Guess they dont have the courage to enter a Bhindi Bazar or Crawford Market....So much for the cause of the Marathi Manoos and Marathi culutre..Tch

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1conoclast said...

LOL! You're right! They don't have the courage to enter a Bhendi Bazar! I didn't think of that!
They don't have the guts to take on someone who can dish it out equally well! LOL!