Thursday, July 31, 2008

Violent Hindu Parishad (VHP)

Been meaning blog about this for sometime. But just didn’t get around to. A bunch of colleges guys stage a Modern Ramayan during a college fest and one of the scenes depicted Sita grappling to take her mobile, while Ravana is abducting her-this obviously did not go down to well with the self-declared custodians of Hindutva, the VHP who stormed the college and staged a protest in the only way they know: VIOLENCE.
This is absolutely ridiculous who is the VHP to stage a protest on this. The fact that students could spoof Ramayana only shows that they know and understand it-which is something to be proud of. I don’t see any of the so called Hindutva party teaching the next gen our epics, mythological stories and other things, so what right do they have to protest.
A decently done spoof or dramatization or interpretation should not be objected to by anyone least of all a wing which does nothing to promote it. All they are doing is successfully alienating the younger bunch from our culture and religion (if Hinduism can be called that) by showing we are bunch of Neanderthal cave men.
Thank god for small mercy that when Kundan Shah made Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, the so called Hindutva parties were not strong or there would only two outcome :You wouldn’t have the classic Mahabharata scene with Satish Shah as Draupadi or the theaters screening it would be stoned, Kundan Shah’s office would be attacked etc etc


Venkat R. said...

Sampark Vibhag
Vishwa HIndu Parishad

FAQs about Vishwa HIndu Parishad

Question: What is the need for an organization like yours when the Government is there to take care of Hindu interests?

Answer: In any other country the government would protect the interests of the majority community. But, unfortunately, in our country, the government works against the Hindu interests. Although 85% of the country's population consists of Hindus, yet India is not a Hindu country. India is a so called "secular" democratic country. But the secularism practised in this country by successive Congress governments is perverted and pampers Muslims and Christians and crushes underfoot Hindu rights, interests, sentiments, culture and makes a mockery of Hindu religion, history and heritage. While there are hundreds of Christian countries and over 60 Muslim Islamic homelands, Hindus cannot even call Hindustan as a Hindu homeland. In these circumstances, therefore, an organization like ours is needed to protect Hindu interests

Question: Could you give examples of minority appeasement and suppression of Hindu interests?

Sure, we can quote a myriad examples. Here are a few:

1. The UN charter says that a minority means less than 10% of the population. But Muslims constitute over 15 percent of the Indian population. Yet they are called a minority.

2. Gandhiji prevented the construction of Somnath temple with government funds. But in 1948 he prevailed upon Nehru and Sardar Patel to renovate Delhi's mosques at government expense.

3. Sucking up to minorities reached its peak when Rajiv Gandhi declared that if the people of Mizoram voted the Congress to power, it would run the government on the basis of the teachings of the Bible.

4. Muslims and Christians are considered as minorities in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar etc. But Hindus in Mizoram, J&K, Nagaland, etc who are in a minority there are not accorded minority status.

5. Congress politicians and the mercenary pro Christian, pro Muslim English media hysterically scream about the death of Muslims in the Muslim provoked Godhra episode. But their silence about the extermination of lakhs of Hindus in Kashmir is thunderously deafening.

6. When Christian and Muslim schools are allowed to teach the Bible and the Quran, Hindu schools are prohibited from teaching the Ramayana ,the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad-Gita Geeta.

7. Muslims and Christian pilgrims are given Rs,20,000 as Hajj and Holy land subsidies. But Hindus are denied the same for their pilgrimages. On the contrary, Hindu pilgrims traveling at their own cost to Amaranth receive bullets.

8. A nationalist like Dr. Pravin Togadia has been arrested many times on flimsy grounds. But the Shahi Imam of Jumma Masjid has got off scot-free for his various seditious anti national, pro Pakistani actions and utterances.

9. Major Hindu temples are government controlled. Revenues from these temples are used to fund Muslim madrassas that teach hatred, sedition and terror. For instance in 2002, Karnataka's income from temples was Rs.72 crores. Out of this Rs.50 crores was given to madrassas, Rs.10 crores to Christian churches and only Rs.10 crores to temples.

10. The government allows muharram processions in Hindu localities. But Hindu processions are banned in Muslim localities

11. A Pakistani becomes Indian when he marries a Kashmiri girl. But the husband of a Hindu Kashmiri girl cannot become a resident of J&K. So tomorrow if the ISI Chief from Pakistan marries a Kashmiri girl he will become an Indian citizen and can even try to become the PM, just like Sonia Gandhi.

12. A majority of criminals in Indian jails are Muslims. They are allowed to offer Namaz in jail. But when HH the Sankaracharya was imprisoned on trumped up charges following a conspiracy carried out by Sonia Maino at the behest of the Vatican, he was not allowed to perform pooja.

13. The Pope was invited to India as a State Guest. But the Hindu King of Nepal
Was not permitted to attend a makara sankranti function in Nagpur in 1965.

14. Muslims are allowed to follow their personal law that includes the right to marry four wives. But Hindus are convicted for bigamy if they do so.

15, Bhajans are prohibited in Mumbai's local trains. But Muslims are allowed to sing quawalis in trains.

16. Bangalore's Jakkur airfield belonging to the defence ministry was not allowed to be used for a Dutta Jayanti function. But the same airfield was allotted to the rabidly anti Hindu Benny Hinn for his traitorous function to convert Hindus.

17. Hindustan Times termed the Ganesh immersion festival as "immersion frenzy" But does not dare describe Muharram and Good Friday processions inn such derogatory terms.

These are but a very, very few examples of how Hindus are treated in their own land and how the Muslims and Christians are being pampered.

Question: What is this big noise you guys are making about Ramjanma Bhoomi, Setu Samduram, Kashi and Mathura ? Don't you have anything else to talk about?

Answer: Good question: Just as Mecca is sacred to the Muslims, Jerusalem is sacred to the Christians, Ayodhya, Mathura, Kashi and the Setu Samudram are sacred to the Hindus. Would the Muslims and the Christians keep quiet if their holy places were usurped? Then why shouldn't we fight for what is rightfully a Hindu heritage?

But these are not the only items on our agenda. What we are fighting for is regeneration and renaissance in Hindu society, protection of Hindu rights and Hindu empowerment through social, economic, educational and medical programmes. Unfortunately, however, these patriotic nation building activities of ours are blacked out from the pro Christian, pro Muslim English media.

Question: You are perceived as anti Muslim, anti Christian.

As Hindus we believe in sarva dharma samabhava, meaning we respect all religions. But what we are against is the anti national, anti Hindu stance of the clerics of these religions. We resist their tirade against HIndus, their attempts to convert Hindus and their extra territorial leanings.

Question: Christians are engaged in constructive charity work. They run schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages, old age homes and engage in relief work. Why are you against them?

Answer: We have no quarrel with them in this area. But what we are against is their using these activities to convert through enticement, fraud and coercion large sections of the Hindu population.

Question: But what is wrong with conversions?

The Hindu religion is closely identified with India and all that is holy in India. Don't we, for instance begin our poojas by doing the sankalpa which goes thus …bharata varshe, bharata khande…? Islam and Christianity are alien religions. They preach separatism. Their roots lie elsewhere. They were imposed on this country by force, fraud and deceit. Thus when a person gets converted, he is automatically alienated from the national, patriotic mainstream. His focus shifts from India to Arabia, Jerusalem, and Europe. For instance, Islam talks about an Islamic brotherhood sans borders.

We have seen what happens when Hindus get reduced to a minority. Pakistan was formed in 1947 as a Muslim homeland. Muslim majority Malappuram of Palakkad in Kerala was made a separate district. Christian majority north east, states like Nagaland have declared their motto "Nagaland for Christ". Thus, conversions will destroy our nation and make India once again a colony of the Christians and Muslims. To cite an example, Christian majority East Timor, an integral part of Indonesia, seceded from that country to become an independent Christian majority state. In this it was helped by the western Christian powers. A similar attempt is on to break up India. And the western and Islamic powers are hell bent on doing so. Therefore we are opposed to conversions.

Question: What about the large scale violence unleashed by your cadres in Gujarat?

Answer: This is a black canard floated by the pro Christian, pro Muslim mercenary English media. Godhra was a spontaneous reaction to the dastardly burning to death by Muslims of hapless women and children returning from a pilgrimage to Ayodhya. To cite an example of the media's anti Hindu, pro Muslim bias, one could view the rabid anti Hindu fanatic Rajdeep Sardesai, then with NDTV, hysterically screaming into the mike in the aftermath of the train carnage saying that the incident was a reaction of Muslims to some provocative slogans shouted by the occupants of the train.

Question: How do you compare the Godhra violence with the 1984 anti Sikh riots in Delhi?

Answer: Violence in any form is not good. The pogrom of Sikhs was planned, engineered, orchestrated, controlled and conducted by Rajiv and his cronies in response to the violent death of Indira Gandhi who fell a victim to her own political intrigues. Rajiv had the brazenness to remark "when a big tree falls, such things happen". The number of Sikhs butchered by the Congressmen exceeds several times the number of Muslims who died in Gujarat and equals Sikh deaths in the post partition riots in Pakistan. Compared to this, Godhra was a spontaneous reaction from the public at large who were fed up with Muslim aggression and high handedness. And there was no planning, programming or direction in Godhra.

Question: Why is it that the Bajrang Dal is perceived as a violent outfit ?

Answer: Whose perception is this? It is a perception created by the likes of Rajdeep Sardesai and other media mercenaries to denigrate, defame and debunk Hindus. While violence on Hindus is blacked out by the Indian mercenary media, Hindu reaction is picked up, embellished, magnified manifold and splashed across the world pro Christian, pro Muslim media with feeds from their local lackeys. Get beaten up, raped, ravaged by Christian and Muslim mercenaries. No one bats an eyelid. Defend yourself and you are tarred as a violent outfit.

Question: Is the VHP too in the area of service to the poor?

What a question !! Over 100,000 VHP cadres across the country through over 20,000 service organisations are actively working among the country's vanavasis, girijans, backward classes, the urban poor and economically weaker sections in the fields of education, health, family welfare, economic and social empowerment, cultural enrichment.

Unfortunately, however, the country's media deliberately ignores all this. The media mercenaries fed and fattened on the free flowing liquor, choicest meats and a bevy of beauties go out of their way to magnify manifold the so called philanthropic activities of the foreign missionaries who are here to destabilize the country and make it a colony of the white Christian imperialists

1conoclast said...

venkat r....

Can I take on your lies one by one?

What you've posted here is an essay not a comment.

One question you need to answer form me is this: Are you pro-Hindu or anti-Congress? I'm asking because all of your faq answers seem to be putting the blame on the Congress. If the Cong ceases to exist, will there be no need for a vhp any more???

Also to your point # 5: The killing of Hindus in Kashmir is regrettable, but wasn't it primarily done by pakistani infiltrators? On the other hand, wasn't it Indian Hindus who killed in gujarat? And is the vhp defending the gujarat carnage by any chance???

More later...

1conoclast said...


Maybe you should use comment moderation. The amount of RUBBISH that this illiterate has mouthed here is not funny. The response to the conversion question for example is such a lot of lies. AR Rahman is a converted Muslim, probably Dr. Kalam as well. In fact all Muslims are probably converts from some religion or the other right? Does the VHP even know the meaning of the word "Muslim"?
And this Islamic brotherhood across boundaries is a good thing. It only refers to "good people" standing up for each other. So it means that good people in India help others outside irrespective of religion & vice versa!
Bill Gates grants to India are an example of that. Does the brainless vhp have a counter to Mr. Gates?

1conoclast said...

Another few suggestions:

very harmful parishad

vishwa hasyspad parishad

What do you think of both? Specially venky... what does he think?

Utopianthots said...

Thanks for the enlightement Venkat, but none of your faqs seem to tell me how does this justify beating of students?

Yaamyn said...

I've responded to venkat.r and his violent ilk at