Monday, July 28, 2008

A bigot's view

My husband has labeled me a bigot and which I think is true to some extent. Each time we are subjected to terror attacks and some more people get killed, theMr.Hyde in me emerges and totally dominates. There is not even an iota humanness in me then and all I can think of condemning an entire community. Thankfully, the Dr.Jekyll emerges soon and I am back to rational, humane person. Why am I telling you this? Been reading the comments of people on of the blogs and am amazed and amount of hatred and violence stored within a bigot. Given a chance they would be no better than the Terrorist who go about blowing up hospitals. I mean that must be an all time low- how anxious must you be to blow up ill people. That’s real below the belt. Wonder what religious texts they read which justifies killing of innocent.
If there is any one who is a part of these outfits and had been reading the comments they would be kicked and happy-they have finally succeeded in not just sowing seeds of hatred but creating an entire jungle filled with hatred, violence and venom.
And you know what we have political parties who feed on this like parasites , you will have the congress wooing the Muslims (vote for us or the BJP will levy POTA if they come to power), the BJP will woo the so-called majority (vote for us or you will continue getting blown up). Each of these parties will pray on our fear, will ensure that by election time the ‘BIGOT’ in us is alive and spewing venom. What better way to be in power without promising to do work. No one talks about a manifesto or doing time bound work- they still beg for votes on the basis of caste, creed, religion.
Even after 61 years we are still voting on grounds of religion and not on abolishing poverty, creating a better education system, and economic growth. Sad but true.


1conoclast said...

I personally believe that anyone voting for a Manmohan Singh Govt. is voting for development & growth.
That's always been his agenda & manifesto! It's quite a move away from the earlier pleas for votes, hasn't it?

Utopianthots said...

True that. But just dont know how many will vote for him. A lot of people who will be more swayed by the Advanis of the world

1conoclast said...

I doubt it. advani has lost a lot of ground. he was relegated to # 2 in favour of Atal. Then he went & issued pro-jinnah statements in pak! That must've hurt his chances.
Then Dr. Singh launched into advani after the trust vote exposing his failed attempts to topple his Govt. repeatedly.
I doubt if any educated person is going to vote for him.
Or have you met different types? You have, haven't you?