Friday, July 25, 2008

Serial Blasts rock Bangalore

Today afternoon 5 low intensity blasts rocked the IT city of India. Not too sure how many lives have been lost or injured, but it has definitely shaken the nation. We have been reminded again, how vulnerable we are and just how easily our security can be compromised. Maybe if our political parties focused a little more on working on real threats instead of the perceived ones we may have been safer. Obviously the terrorist organizations also want to take advantage of the cat fights and political instability plaguing the nation.
I am sure BJP will jump on the cart provided by the terrorists to gain votes and am sure lot of people will be swayed, I too would have been a few months ago but not now. What has changed? Nothing but yet everything. Think it over guys why is it that we are the one country that gets attacked repeatedly . What makes us so vulnerable? Why are we such a soft target? Do we need to change our policies? Are there better laws required (not talking about stringent laws)? Quicker turn around times for accused in cases, No negotiation policies (irrespective of who it is).
A lesson to learn and beat the terrorists at their own game is to realize that we need a Government which takes care of all this and more-cause terrorists have no religion or community.

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