Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Trust vote

Like everyone else I have been waiting for the trust vote and am really really praying hard that it goes in favor of the Ruling Party. Not that I am a supporter of Congress or the UPA Government but just so the Left learns its lesson. The Left has is behaving like a child who has been denied its candy and is holding the entire nation to ransom. A responsible party who truly cares about its people, would not have behaved in such an irresponsible manner. The Country is going through a rough patch with inflation at its peak, companies slowing on recruitments and they want to add to the woes by forcing a mid-term election. Elections cost crores and its my money which is being utilized just because they want to throw a tantrum and try and teach Congress a lesson. Ridiculous!
The elections are due in less than a year and they could have continued to support the party at this stage, there are better ways to show displeasure. They could have tried educating the people about the deal if its so detrimental. And of course, not forged an alliance the next term if so required.
But the Left has always been a self obsessed party with no concern for the common man. The importance that the Left has in the eyes of the common man is clear from the spike in the stock market after the Left withdrew their support. High time they actually judged themselves on the people meter.

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