Friday, July 4, 2008

Hail Narendra Modi!

Narendra Modi maybe a monster according to a lot of people, but he seems to be the only man with an intact backbone. Loved the way he decided to go against his party and not support the band. Gujarat was the most peaceful state yesterday with shops and schools remaining open. He knows that you don’t attract investment and confidence of people who want to do business with an unstable state. What makes it even more commendable is the fact that he stood by a rational and correct decision and not obey because his party decided to do something stupid.
On the other hand Mumbai which is being led by the Congress (its not a BJP strong hold) witnessed violence. Mumbai has become a free for all-MNS, Sikhs, RPI and now even the VHP and BJP can come cause chaos and get the streets to shut down.
Maybe Mr.Deshmuk should learn some lessons from Narendra Modi
Hat’s off dude!

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1conoclast said...

oh oh oh oh OH...!!!

Maybe you should've said it a little differently!

I know you speak your mind & everything else; and that even the devil must be given his due; and that people may sometimes forget the value of boycotting (different from the bandh you write about)... but should you not choose your words carefully when you talk about the "ravana of modern India"?

Or is it hitler? Is that why you subconsciously added the "Hail"?