Thursday, July 3, 2008

The ‘FORCED’ Nationwide Bandh:

Just read this and am totally livid- How can anyone bring this country to a stand still. You shut shops, forcibly, stop trains. Do the BJP guys understand that they are disrupting the normal life of people who have a life beyond the ‘Amarnath Issue’ –they need to earn their living. Lot of people live on daily wages and a shut down deprives them of it. People may be travelling for interviews; visit relatives who are ill-people have responsibilities and a tough life. Who the hell do you think you are to take up the bastion of a non-issue?
Two things, sure hope the Government has the gall to fine them for the damages. Remember Shiv Sena only supported it ‘morally’. They have been burnt once, stops them from the senseless bands.
Second, I a staunch follower of the BJP will not vote for them, dude this one vote could cost you the government.
I don’t vote for goons who hold people like me to ransom to gain a little bit of print space.

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