Friday, July 4, 2008

Ciggies OK, Hookas not ok….

In another warped endorsement, the Bombay HC has supported the BMC’s claim that Hookah parlors are ‘Injurious to Health’ and must be shut down. Congratulations Mad-am Raul (pun intended)! So what if you didn’t succeed in getting the pot holes repaired, you definitely shut down one more place for people to socialize. Maybe this is another way for BMC to earn money, probably they will declare that you need a special license to serve Hookah.
Cigarettes are being sold at every nook and corner and contains more nicotine than what a hookah does. Why is the BMC and Ms. Raul not fighting to get them banned. I think it has more to do with the fact that the cigarette industry accounts for a large share of tax revenue. If I was in place of the hookah parlors I would have filed a case against the BMC and Ms.Raul for malafide intentions, discrimination. If these guys are going to keep getting their way then soon we will have no avenues for our entertainment and do what we want.
Please stop ‘Policing us’!


Roy said...

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, Soldiering with Dignity

Sadly, we only give them 2 mins silence though they DESERVE whole lotta things!

Utopianthots said...

Agree Roy, dont even know how many people knew who he was. Thats the sad state of affairs today.

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