Thursday, July 3, 2008

A mountain out of a mole hill

"Making a mountain out of a mole hill" is a proverb that we are all familiar with, but the only ones who seem to be practicing it are the politicians. The communalization of the ‘Amarnath land issue’ is the latest addition to it.
The controversy reared its head over a month ago when the Government handed over 100 acres of land to the Amarnath Shrine Board to create a temporary shelter for the pilgrims who travel each year for the pilgrimage. This land happened to be a forest land and supposedly any construction on this land could cause environmental degradation of the forest. This I am prepared to believe and if the land transfer was analyzed under this it would make logical and rational sense.
But this issue has now been communalized and politicized at the cost of the common man. Separatist party Hurriyant says that this a ploy to settle non-local Hindus into the state. How ridiculous can we get? Kashmir is still a part of India and anyone can settle anywhere. The issue is now a Hindu vs. Muslim issue or Kashmiris vs. Non-Kashmiris issue.
Every party worth its salt has jumped onto the bandwagon and is claiming their pound of flesh, the BJP, VHP have call for a nationwide strike. People, do you know how much we will lose in revenue with this strike? But obviously it doesn’t matter.
The one head which will be sacrificed is that of the Governor who decided to hand the land back to stop the senseless violence. I mean, how can someone take a rational decision and stop violence and contain instability. Don’t they understand that there wont be any reason to ask for votes.
The fires have been repeatedly stoked by forces who want to ensure that Kashmir stay volatile and instable. The militants are both from within and outside India- the politicians are no less than militants. They all thrive on instability, that’s where they get their votes from. If the Kashmir issue is resolved, what’s the plan for asking for votes, if the animosity ceases to exist between Hindus and Muslims, how will the Congress and BJP survive.
Pity that sometimes we cant see through them. The only thing to do is wait and watch how many lives are sacrificed at the altar of this non-issue.

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