Monday, July 7, 2008

Shame on the media!

Centimeters and meters are wasted in tracking the Aarushi murder case, profiling of Maria Susairaj and hours of programming is created on Amitavbh sneezing, Aishwarya having German measeles and Ekta Kapoor reciting the Mahabharat Sholka, but not even ten minutes is spent on the Greyhounds being gunned down in Orissa.
Greyhounds are the elite anti-naxal force created in 1989 to curb the growing insurgency. Due to a tactical error the commandos of the greyhound force met a watery death and were gunned down by the Naxals. This is worst ambush since their formation and the guys used rocket launchers to attack them. They are still trying to look for the missing Commandos, but hell do we care. The rescue of Prince is more exciting and will get more eyeballs than a couple of Commandos.
Someone needs to remind them journalism was never about garnering eyeballs!


Jay said...

the public gets the news that it wants : an article on greyhounds and them getting ambushed might not have any relevance to say someone in bombay who sitting on his crap seat and is thinking about making it in time to catch the 7.20 local and would much rather read something sensational , connected to bollywood so that he can read it forget about it and move on...

Utopianthots said...

Don't agree with you Jay-these are the very people who pledge support during the Kargil war. They will listen if you say something. Casting everyone in the same mould and doesn't justify the doings or rather the not-doings of the media.

1conoclast said...

I actually agree with both of you. Jay because the fact is that the common man (including me) doesn't want to read negative news all the time. We need positive reinforcement from time to time. But subscribing to the TOI is hardly the solution. For balance, one should subscribe to the Indian Express & DNA. You'll get both honest hard hitting constantly critical journalism & a little softer, positive news, doses of entertainment thrown in as well.

The TOI has sold it's soul a long time back. They don't deserve to called a "news"paper at all.
They're the types giving the media a bad name. In fact they have very poor respect in serious journalist circles.