Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I have been following the Aarushi & the Grover murder case closely and realized that these are not the first of its kind, we have had Nithari, double murder in Punjab, Kaushimbi Layek and I am sure so much more.
Crime from the streets seems to have spilled into our home. Its not a domain of gangsters, politicians and the poor (which it was supposed to be), its now creeping into middle class homes, so called white-collared workers.
Both the Aarushi & Grover murder case have some similarities in them, let me try and clarify that.
-Little or no value for relationships
- Pride, jealously, anger
- Lack of control
- Not too sure if I can call it lack of remorse or should I say indifference to the act.

Are we getting intolerant as a people? Are we getting so self-centered that nothing beyond us matters? I won’t call it the corruption of value systems or erosion of the moral fabric- not too sure what they stand for. I think each family is unique and has its own value system, I also believe that every family is dysfunctional to some extent-but they have a formula which probably helps them get through life. I wish I could term these cases as aberrations but the frequency at which they are taking place don’t make them seem like aberrations.
We are focusing on the reasons instead of the cause. Technological advancements have shrunk the world, we have more means to communicate but we now talk and don’t communicate. We have moved from nuclear families to isolated families. There is so much loneliness surrounding us. Best friends today are computer games, websites and chat-rooms, no more family get together, granddad stories, playing with cousins. Parents in a rush rewarding kids with whatever they want, making kids intolerant to failure, wanting quick success. It’s a crazy topsy- turvy world out there.
When I read about Aarushi or Neeraj Grover I see two kids who have everything but lonely in life no one to share their worries and fears with. Maybe Hemraj was the quintessential Ramu Kaka of Hindi films for Aarushi. But one thing I am sure of is that maybe its time we went back to our roots, to our families.

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