Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally the word on the Big Q is out and all the protests in the world did not hold any water. So, I tried to think and think really hard why was I so angry. I am not anti-reservation, I certainly belive that everyone has the right to education and an equal oppurtunity. But I fail to understand how could granting reservation at institutions of higher learning amount to equality- you are granting favors to one section and not to the other, that by itself is inequality.Currently there is reservation at primary and secondary level of education which ensures and equal oppurtunity to all right at the base. There has been no study or research conducted to know or understand wether reservations at that level have benefited the truly deserving or needy. There is absolutely no tracking mechanism for it. Why is it then that we believe that reservations at institutions of higher learning will help or reservations in jobs in the private sector will help. Has reservation in government institutions helped in efficient running of the machinery- I wouldnt think so. People are complacent in the knowledege that special treatment would be accorded irrespective of their efficiency levels. On the other hand a lot of good guys belonging to the so called reserved category may not like to divulge it because their perception in the eyes of people would undergo a drastic change. Soon you will have women demanding reservations, what happens to women upliftment remember they are also for the weak section of the society and the minorities- that's a lot of reservations we are talking about. If the governments manadate is to provide access to knowledege then reservations at higher levels of educations is by no way the means. If we are to make the leap to the 21st century then our 19th century mindsets have to change. Even, Dr.Ambedkar had advocated revervations only for 10 years. Why cant the government look at different ways to provide equal oppurtunities to all.You could possibly have a rule wherein you can choose to avail of the reservation only once in your life. You could have scholarships or sponsorships for the deserving students. The only way you can let an individual grow is not by providing him crutches but by providing a helping hand.We need to let go of populists measures and take a tough stance if want to survive the competition in the global market.

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