Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Be Kind Rewind

Last Saturday went to see Be Kind Rewind on my husband’s insistence, who must see any and every Jack Black movie. Well, I loved Jack Black (remember School of Rock) till I saw Nacho Libre which put me off him for life. With a lot of reluctance and trepidation I agreed to watch the film. It tries to deal with too many issues and ended up doing justice to none.
The film starts off real slow and feels like all the characters have been picked from different areas and strung together. It begins to get real tedious trying to watch
Danny Glover trying to keep afloat an old VHS shop in time of the DVD era, Jack Black trying to sabotage a power plan which he believes is taking over their minds and voila the movie picks. A magnetized Jack Black manages to erase the entire VHS collection and they start shooting their version of the films. They call it SWEEDE-loved it!
Some real cool work here. Wish they had done some more of it; they just glossed over the rest. The film has its moments like when Danny Glover walks is doing his research on what makes the DVD parlors click and makes one of the key points as ‘No real knowledge required’. Absolutely phenomenal!
There are some force fits like the raid from the IPR division of the studios so it could lead to the making of the Fats Waller movie. I thought that’s one bit they could have done without. The film ends a little to abruptly-just didn’t know what to make of it.
How was it? A strictly decent flick which has it moments but falls short of being a classic it could have been.


Jay said...

Jack Black is GOD! , dont know how more of the movies being sweded would have helped i think they timed it just right. Mos def whom i loved in Hitchhikers was also brilliant in the movie

Utopianthots said...

Jay I just think that the movie looks like a string of different trailers put together. Jack Black may be good, but the film is strictly average, the Fats Waller film was a complete misfit.But then again a film being good or bad is a matter of perception

Rajeev Ramachandran said...

you two are the ultimate. arguing online. get a room! :)