Sunday, August 8, 2010

The loss of innocence

Saw this picture of three kids in Kashmir not being more than 13 years old, with sticks attacking a burning police jeep- totally wrenched my heart to see the angst & frustration which would have led to such levels of violence and hatred at such a young age. In an age when they should be thinking of their career, passions..they were standing there waging a battle, waiting to be hit by a bullet. Can't even imagine what thier parents must be going through. The conflict in Kashmir has been there for over 5 decade, draining both India and Pakistan not just monetarily but also causing instability.
It's unimaginable how the people have survived in Kashmir which is always on the brink of war and violence. Every family must have lost someone.

The lines of history get diluted by the day....what the people want gets blurred each day. Probably all they crave now is peace, but it may just be too late to do anything.

If Kashmir is to get its autonomy it may just become a haven for radical forces spelling doom for India, not to forgot the poltical debacle it will be for the party in power. As for Pakistan, it's being claimed by its own monster, an idependent Kashmir will add to its exisitng cup of woes.

Unfortunately, the Kashmiris will have to continue to bearing the brunt of this conflict, which community they belong to seems to be incidental


Koham said...

Have u also thought on why suddenly Kashmir is violently burning? What could be the motive for re-starting such public & open violence?
You have referred to these 3 kids and wondered @ their career, passions & their parents. This shows their future path.
At the same time, before this re-started, one of the Kashmir youth stood with pride in qualifying IAS exam.
That's a blooming incidence.
Let's bring more such incidences forward.
It's not 'loss of innocence' but greatly 'loss of sense and sensibility'.

Utopianthots said...

Koham, the motives have always been clear...we have been a land of contradictions, hope & despair at one time. Will truly hope there are happier incidences to talk about