Monday, June 23, 2008

Violence-Not the last resort

Violence is not a last resort anymore to getting yourself heard, instead its become a stepping stone into pushing your demands in the limelight. The minute you stop trains, hold the common man to ransom it brings the entire circus out-the cameras, the media, politicians everyone.
The Gujjars, stopping the train, MNS breaking cars, the Ambedkar supporters taking to the street and the new kids on the block-the Sikhs attacking trains, breaking vehicles and what not. The Gujjar agitation cost us Rs.7000 crores, does anyone care? Its my hard earned money going down the drain and I care-but the government doesn’t. The Gujjars got what they wanted. What has it lead to? One of the Sikh leader on the news channel declared that if Baba Ram Rahim was not arrested by 24th June, they would start Rail Roko. How’s that! The Government has shown everyone the way-hold common man to ransom, stop trains, destroy public property and you will get what you want.
Every doctor says that when a child throws a tantrum ignore him or you will be succumbing to their demands forever-maybe someone needs to remind the Government of this. If the Government and State machineries don’t take a tough stance, we will always face a threat from groups within India and also terrorists always. Was thinking maybe I should try a rail roko to get this point across… Any volunteers?

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1conoclast said...

It's my heard earned money too!!!

Let's enlist Rajkumar Hirani's & Gowarikar's help to do something here. Men of peace with a powerful meduim at their disposal. With volunteers like you & me!

Kuch ho sakta hi? Kya lagta hai?