Friday, June 13, 2008

Side-effects of reservation

Times of India carried this piece of news that two more people tried to get a house in MAHADA (for all those not aware MAHADA is an initiate by the Maharashtra Government to provide low cost housing)on the basis of a false caste certificate. They must have been the unlucky one who would have been caught, am sure there are score of people who have been seeking housing, education and maybe jobs on the basis of false certificates but have been lucky not to get caught.
Am not really surprised considering politicians have been very happily fighting for reservations in all aspects of life, without understanding the impact or fall out of mass scale reservations. Looking forward to see the effect of reservations in jobs and then again a stupendous proposal by our Social Justice Minister (incidentally I think the ministry should be renamed, Social Inequality and Injustice Ministry) who thinks cash incentive should be provided to people opting for inter-caste marriage. I can see the potential of a lucrative business here :)

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